Osteoapthic practitioners have to provide professional invoices and receipts to their clients. You may choose the Quickbooks software or excel file to create your own invoices or receipt.

The following are some samples for your reference, you may download and make any change to meet your need.

The product content in the above sample invoices for Medical Devices, such as back support, shoulder/kne/elbow/wrist/ankle braces, compression socks/stockings, custom-made orthopedic andTENS Machine, should be based on your own actual sold product information, copiing from the product information on your product box, including product name, brand name, model number, size, color, rigid material, and name of manufacturer, but should not copy those information from the samples invoices.

The following samples product information should invlude in your invoices or receipts.

  • Knee Braces
    Medispec DynaTrack Plus Patella Stablizer (Coolflex) . Brand: MedSpec, Rigid Material: Plastic. Size: Medium. Model# 117024. Maker: Medical Specialties Inc., USA.
  • Back Support
    DonJoy Chairback LSO Back Brace, Brand: MedSpec, Rigid Material: Plastic,Size: M, Model: 11-1568-3. Maker: Medical Specialties Inc., USA.
  • Elbow Braces
    MedSpec Epigel Tennis Elbow Brace. Brand: MedSpec. Rigid Material: Plastic. Size: Medium. Maker: Medical Specialties Inc., USA. For the right and left sides.
  • Ankle Braces
    Volt Active Ankle Brace, Brand: Volt Active, Rigid Material: Plastic. Size: Small. Maker: Volt Active. Made in USA。 For the left side.
  • Compressing Stockings
    Medical compressing stockings, M2050-Cotton-AD close toe, 23-32mmHg, Length: Knee high, Color: black. Size: 2M Standard. Brand: Relaxsan, Made in Italy.
  • Custom- Made Orthotics
    Custom made orthotics for one pair. Orthtics Lab: XXX Orthotics Inc. for Biomechanical/gait analysis, casting and orthotics production proceses.