The association is governed by the Board of Directors, composed of the president, the vice president, the secretary-general and the treasurer. The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Committee to manage specific business affairs.

The executive committee is composed of the Membership Committee, the Disciplinary & Complaints Committee, and the Education Committee:


The Membership Committee is responsible for membership application review, evaluation and issuing the membership certificates to qualified applicants, to ensure that only qualified members can obtain membership. The committee contacts the provincial and municipal government license management departments for members’ application for holistic practitioner license.


Responsible for supervising members to abide by the professional ethics and practice standards of the association and the relevant municipal regulations for holistic practice. The committee listens to the clients/patient’s complaints to members, to protect the professionalism and purity of the association members and public interests. The committee will investigate the violation of discipline, take the necessary penalties, suspend or revoke membership.


Responsible for arranging members’ continuing education programs and activities, regularly organize various professional seminars, lectures or classes to enhance members the updated and advanced professional knowledge and skills.