About Us

Ontario Association of Osteopathic Practitioners (OAOP) is a voluntary, not for profit and professional association in Ontario. It is committed to establishing and maintaining standards for safe and effective osteopathic treatment, mandating accountability, ethical practice and continuing education among its members, promoting osteopathic health care to the public, and providing a list of practitioners to the people whose training and qualifications are of the highest standard.

The Association agrees with and meets the World Osteopathic Health

Organization in the definitions of a non-physician Osteopath. Osteopathy applies the knowledge of the structure and function of the body, to all diseases, disorders and dysfunctions,  will taking “manual” approach and being consistent with the osteopathic philosophy.

In Canada, osteopaths refer to the trained osteopathic manual practitioners, but while in the United States of America, the osteopath will be recognized as a branch of the medical profession called osteopathic physicians.

Our Vision:

  • to represent and advance the recognition of the osteopathic manual therapy in Ontario.

Our Goals:

  • To promote the efficient delivery of osteopaths health care in Ontario.
  • To ensure the recognition of the osteopathic manual therapy in 


  • To develop and maintain a standard of education and standard of practice in Ontario.
  • To ensure safe, efficient and ethical osteopathic manual practice and protect the interest and rights of the public.
  • To provide members continuing education and professional development.