Osteopathic practitioners are among the High-risk Front-Line Health Care Workers (or called Priority Healthcare Workers, Community Healthcare Workers) category, booking for COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario is available regardless of age. They currently get either Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

Members are high rocommended to make timely appointments for vaccinations with their valid membership cards, to ensure the safety of themselves and their clients. If your membership expired, please contact the association to renew it as soon as possible. Click here to see how to renew the certificate.

Vaccination is an effective way to end the spread of the epidemic. Ontario Association of Osteoapthic Practitioners (OAOP) urges all members to get vaccination as soon as possible. Even your clients claim they safe and do not have coronary symptoms, and both of you wear masks, it cannot 100 percent sure you are safe due to the nature of the work in close contact.

Because our Association is located in Scarborugh area, members can make an appointment at the vaccine reservation website in Scarborugh, or in their own living district according to the address on their driver’s license.

Booking Website:

Members can make their appointments at the vaccination booking website with their valid membership card.

The following is a list of COVID vaccien injection centers in the Greater Toronto Area. Please click the links below to book your appointment. For areas not listed, you can Google the your community name + Covid Vaccine Booking to find the relevant Booking website.

To book an appointment, you are asked to fill in your name, address, phone number, email and OHIP number, and select the injection time under the category of Health Care Workers:

At the day of your injection, please bring your:

  • Osteoapthic Membership Card
  • OHIP Card
  • Driver’s License or Ontario ID

When the receptionist asks why he’s here for a shot, you need identity yourself as an Osteopathic Practitioner, and provide face-to-face therapy to clients, which is a creteria for the qualification.

If you have any questions, please contact the association at 416-273-4551, WhatsApp 9057676688 or email office@osteoapthicboard.org.