The association deals in a fair and just manner with any member who has fallen beneath the standards of practice or committed an act of professional misconduct. Our members are obligated to make specific mandatory reports relating to abuse of clients, employment terminations due to professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, offences, negligence, malpractice and child abuse. The association’s website provides an online and complaint report form for that.


Any person who has a dissatisfaction with the service provided to them, or has noticed a violation of the Code of Ethics by a member of the OAOP is entitled to 

file a written complaint, setting forth allegations, which will be reviewed by the Board of Directors who will notify the alleged individual of this complaint, and will call them into question.

Membership Suspension or Revocation

The OAOP Board of Directors may suspend or revoke membership for failure by the member to comply, and maintain compliance with, or for violation of any applicable provisions, standards, or requirements of the association. Suspension of membership is not a condition precedent to revocation.

Before suspension or revocation, the Board of Directors shall give written notice to the member, the notice shall:

  • Specify the reasons for which the action is to be taken
  • Set a hearing for not more than 16 days nor less than eight days after the date of the notice
  • Specify the date, time, and place of the hearing

At the hearing, the Board of Directors has the burden of proof and may present evidence as to why such action is being taken and rebutting any response being made by the member in question. The Board of Directors may reduce the suspension time based on reason. The member in question may request an additional hearing at which he or she will have the burden of establishing and justifying full reinstatement of their membership. Such further hearing will be conducted before the Board of Directors. At the conclusion of such hearing, a written summary of the evidence will be prepared. The Board of Directors will review the written summary of the case in question and will issue a written decision within 30 days of the last hearing.


Violation of any provision of the association shall be a misdemeanour with consequences.